A brand new blog


I suppose I’d better explain what this blog is going to be for. Well, there are an awful lot of gaming blogs out there where people can gas on about World of Warcraft and GTA4 but this isn’t going to cover those sorts of games. This blog is about highlighting largely-unknown or forgotten games and genres, with an emphasis on “indie games” and 8-bit and 16-bit gaming (ie pre-Playstation era). Hopefully, I’m going to update it around once a week once I find something worth highlighting.

I’ll try not to yak on about myself too much like some self-absorbed broadsheet journalist bore with a picture of themselves looking quizzical in trendy glasses in the middle of the text (what is it with that? What’s wrong with at the top?) and confusing “London” and “Britain”. This is going to be about the games first and foremost. Besides, I’ve got another blog to gas on about myself (occasionally).

So, what are we going to start with? Well, we’re not going to start right now; this is just an introduction. But I’ve decided to kick this thing off with a look at 8-bit platforming, specifically games inspired by Matthew Smith’s highly-influential Jet Set Willy. Whilst Smith’s game remains well-know and well-loved there were dozens of games inspired by it and released in its wake (including indie titles released this decade) which have fallen by the wayside and which probably deserve another look.

Until then…


4 Responses to “A brand new blog”

  1. Melina Says:

    cool blog matty !

  2. Gillian Says:

    Please feature this game:


    (Your friendly editor advises that the above linky is NSFW albeit in low-res)

  3. Matty Says:

    I would do a feature on “porn” games only they all seem to be utterly terrible without exception. The closest any of them come to a proper game is probably this:


  4. gnome Says:

    Pron? Porn? Pr0n?

    Well, I did write this bit ages ago:


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