Oxfam Music Love

I don’t know about anyone else but I love my local Oxfam Music, not just for the cheap CDs but also for their often-excellent choice of old videogames for a wide range of platforms. In recent months I’ve managed to pick-up secondhand copies of Tim Schafer’s Full Throttle, the brilliant Total Annihilation, Commandos, SimCity 3000 UK Edition (I’ve actually got SC4 but it hates this PC due to lack of memory) and Ascendancy all boxed (huge, old-skool boxes too – back when they actually had manuals in them) for the princely sum of £1.99 each. I got around to playing the last one today (via the excellent DOSBox) since it’s a space exploration/conquest game and suitably similar to Colonial Conquest 2 that I thought it would be worth doing a small comparison which I might put up in the next couple of days.

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