From Labyrinth to China Shop

I’m going to try and write-up a couple of articles about Christmas games in the run-up to the festive season but before then I want to do a quick plug for an excellent new browser-based game I’ve been playing called Minotaur China Shop. In it you play a minotaur with his own china shop who needs to fetch items for similarly-mythical clientel in order to sell them and make a profit. Being a minotaur, he’s rather clumsy and it’s easy to break stuff and therefore lose money. However, if you break enough stuff the minotaur goes into a rage and insurance kicks in meaning you have to break as much as possible to make money before security appear and fill you with tranquiliser darts.

I’m not the biggest fan of browser games because they have a bad habit of either being far too simplistic or being style over substance but I really love this one. It has a simple, addictive old-skool type of gameplay and playing it is both amusing and fun as the poor minotaur moos with annoyance when his big clumsy fists knock over a shelf full of vases. Go on, give it a shot. It’s cheaper than wrecking real crockery.

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