Yeah, explore that dungeon! Grab that scroll! Pull that lever!

Yeah, explore that dungeon! Grab that scroll! Pull that lever!

I bring you some exciting news (cue ‘exciting news’ music which probably involves a pounding drumbeat and maybe some trumpets). A long time ago (well, 1994) an indie title was released for the Amiga called Knights; not the most inspiring name, I know, but bear with me. This was a two-player game whereby each player took control of a knight in armour and a brightly-coloured cloak (the colour of which could be determined before the game started) and explored a randomly-created dungeon attempting to beat the other player. How the aforementioned beating occured was decided before the game: it could involve just killing the other knight a set number of times, or escaping the dungeon, or retrieving an ancient book written by gnomes or something. There were loads of settings that allowed changes in dungeon size, quest-type, zombie and bat activity (oh, yes, our knightly friends were not alone down there if so desired) and several other things. It was hugely configurable and hugely fun.

There was only one real problem which is that the nature of the game meant that it helped to be unable to see what the other player was doing. The programmer’s solution to this was to split the display down the middle and suggest to the player that they tape a piece of cardboard to their tv/monitor to act as a divider with each player on their respective side of it. This worked, but it wasn’t exactly practical.

But now comes something new, now comes a remake of Knights which, excellently, features network and internet play meaning no more fiddly dividers. This is the best thing, if not ever, then certainly this week. All it really needs is the ability to set up dedicated servers a la many other freeware online games but I’m hoping that will arrive eventually if this takes off. And even if you’re not willing to play online the old two-player option is still in the remake, just find yourself a bit of cardboard and a chum and get, erm, knighting.

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10 Responses to “Knights”

  1. gnome Says:

    Gnome arcane literature… Gotta love it, really. Just like online play in this fantastic little gem. Extremely simple, yet evocative and great fun. We should organize an online tournament or something.

  2. Matty Says:

    I emailed the programmer and he says that he’s probably going to add support for some sort of dedicated server in a future version. Rock ‘n’ roll!

  3. gnome Says:

    Fantastic news. Ska!

  4. gnome Says:

    BTW, here I am waiting for them Speccy suggestions. I’ll fix some tea in the meantime…

  5. Matty Says:

    Well, I’m not sure where I can post them. Do you want them as a comment here or on Gnome’s Lair or what? 🙂

  6. gnome Says:

    Oh, on a post card really. Otherwise anything will do. Perhaps turn them into a proper post for this very blog… Oh, and care for sugar?

  7. okee Says:

    Hi was wondering if there was any list of Knights players getting going, i’m doing up a simple tutorial on setting up Hamachi to play knights against other people as i had trouble setting up a game directly with a friend even after opening ports on my router

    • Matty Says:

      A new version of the game has now been released with proper online gaming support and a server set up. Go to the Knights homepage (link in article) to download it. 🙂

  8. Matty Says:

    The programmer has mentioned the possibility of some sort of dedicated server so it’s probably worthwhile waiting for that. I’d suggest emailing him (address on the Knight’s webpage) to find out more about it/give him that extra push. Currently, the multiplayer option seems most suited to LAN networks. I get the feeling the internet option is more of an afterthought.

    If enough people email the author asking for support for dedicated servers, as many online games have, then it’s likely to be implemented.

  9. Knights online update « Matty on Games Says:

    […] to let you all know that the excellent remake of the excellent Amiga indie game Knights (which I talked about in this entry here) has recieved an update and now has proper online play. The remake’s programmer is currently […]

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