One sausage and a cup of tea?

Banger ingame

Okay, who ordered the sentient sausages?

I was at a retrogaming event called Byte Back just over a week ago and it was excellent and yours truy was as happy as a pig in poopies. As well as loads of old games consoles and computers running games that show most modern stuff how to do it properly without five minute cutscenes and terrible storylines that seem to think they’re as important as the gameplay there was also prolific ZX Spectrum indie coder Jonathan Cauldwell sitting behind a monitor and looking all serious as he busied himself writing the Byte-Back game in a day challenge. And now the fruits of his labour are here and the game in question, the excellently-named Banger Management, can be downloaded and played. I’ve not had a proper shot of it yet but it looks like a rather more frantic version of Lemmings and involves sending food orders to irritable customers and, given that just about every game Cauldwell writes is excellent I’m willing to bet this one is too. So download, play and (probably) get terribly confused!

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4 Responses to “One sausage and a cup of tea?”

  1. David M Says:

    “how to do it properly without five minute cutscenes and terrible storylines that seem to think they’re as important as the gameplay”

    I recently read that Persona 4 is the future of the JRPG, and it’s been getting rave reviews everywhere. I saw it cheap yesterday, so I bought it and took it home to play it. I should give the genre a chance again. Maybe I was wrong…?

    Turns out it’s literally two hours until you get to the actual game. Two hours! Of nothing more than pressing X to read more dialogue! Nnnnngghhh!

  2. gnome Says:

    And yes! Jonathan Cauldwell scores another fantastic goal!

  3. stickhead Says:

    He’s a little bit talented, that Johnny Cauldwell character, isn’t he? A whole Speccy game in a day? Not just some shitty shooter, either; a very cool concept puzzle game with one of the best titles I’ve heard in a long time (At least since Albatrossity). It would take me all day just to think of the title.

    Byte-Back certainly was excellent, a great opportunity to play some machines I’d never even seen before, meet some like minded folk, have a few bevvies and get whupped at SFII. Shame I didn’t know you were attending, Matty. Would have been great to put a face to the name. Are you going to the RCM open day?

  4. Emily Says:


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