Contact Sam Cruise remake on the way

Sam Cruise remake

So, now we know, all that time Sam had purple-striped wallpaper. No wonder he was desperate for a case to work on...

Just a quick and dirty update. Via RetroRemakes, it seems that someone is working on a new version of Microsphere’s classic ZX Spectrum film noir pastiche Contact Sam Cruise. For those who don’t know, it was a game based around a similar engine to the extremely-popular Skool Daze but this time involved a 1930s/40s private eye solving a case in an unnamed US city. The remake is being written by someone calling themselves “vb64” and promises a larger playing area and more cases for Sam to solve than the original’s one. And yes, this time you can see into the buildings. For more information take a look at the relevant forum thread.


3 Responses to “Contact Sam Cruise remake on the way”

  1. gnome Says:

    Seems more than promising. Love the art style.

  2. paul Says:

    did this ever get finished?

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