Happy Birthday Speccy!

Happy Birthday to the ZX Spectrum which is 27 years old today!

W*H*B, proving that even a block can be an engaging game character

W*H*B, proving that even a block can be an engaging game character

Yes, on the 23rd of April 1982 Clive Sinclair’s tiny, rubber-keyed personal computer with its onboard buzzer for sound, simple graphics capability, 16K of RAM (expandable to 48K!) and (actually quite nippy for the time) 3.5Mhz processor was launched in the UK. He wanted it to be used by “hobbyists” and for education and business but, of course, it ended-up mainly being used for games.

And what games! The total number of games published for Sinclair’s beast numbers well into the thousands and they’re still being published.

Today, in honour of the machine’s birthday, I’m only going to be playing Spectrum games and I suggest you all do the same. And to start you off, why not play one of the latest released to mark the Speccy’s 27th: Bob Smith’s W*H*B?

EDIT: Apparently, the original upload of W*H*B had a bug which meant the death music wasn’t played properly; it’s since been replaced with a version that fixes this bug. If you downloaded a version earlier today then it’s worth replacing it (your passcodes for the levels will still work, of course!).


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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Speccy!”

  1. Mark Reckons Says:


  2. Medd Says:

    Ah, The Spectrum. You were great.

  3. Matty Says:

    I found myself playing “Mission Omega” again yesterday. One of these days I’m going to admit that it’s actually just a bit boring and stop bothering with it. But until then…

  4. kradd Says:

    Happy birthday dear Speccy. Sad that the one I once owned had a video problem, so I gave it away.

  5. gnome Says:

    And a happy belated birthday to the Speccy from me too.

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