Warning Forever – a quick rec



Sorry, this isn’t a big proper new article like it ought to be but only a quick recommendation. Today I discovered (thanks to an article by Stu Campbell) a brilliant game which somehow managed to pass me by before. It’s called Warning Forever and is essentially a series of boss fights against bigger and badder varients of the same boss until the player can’t take it any more and gets killed. Not only is it terrific fun but it runs well on a machine with crappy graphics capability (ie mine) and, brilliantly (and appropriately given my complaining about “bloating” in some games in an earlier post) the download is only about 800K! Sorry, I know some of you will have heard of this game already and be muttering “that’s so 2005, grandad” at me but I don’t care. Go to this site here and download it.

As for what’s next, well I’ve a couple of game articles coming up. All I’ll say is one is a pioneering real-time strategy title and one is a rather-odd budget game and that they’re both from the same year. Yeah, that’s it, you piss your pants with anticipation.

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