Video Rec

I beseech (how long since that word was used, I wonder) you all to watch this video here at thatguywiththeglasses by Dr Ashen about Imagine’s notorious Renegade III: The Final Chapter. As well as being highly amusing like everything the good doctor does it’s also a brilliant potted history of the Renegade series explaining why the third game was such a travesty.

Me? I’m ashamed to say I remember quite liking it from the (admittedly rather-brief) shot I had of it back in ’89, but then I didn’t pay money for it. Or, to be honest, play it long enough to acertain whether it was any good beyond “these graffics look nice, innit” (expect people didn’t say “innit” back then).

And, yes, there is a new article coming up about a certain puzzle/arcade-adventure thingy from 1987 but I’m not finished it yet (indeed, I’ve decided to rewrite it because I was droning on about things no one cares about rather than talking about the game in hand) but it’ll be here soon.

One Response to “Video Rec”

  1. StickHead Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on that, Matty. I really enjoyed that vid, and the shocking difference in quality of the third title really needs to be highlighted. What’s with those review scores? I smell scam or possibly scamola…

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