Janey Thompson – we really want to see those fingers!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

"Let's go run!" That's easy for you to say...

It’s time for one of those ‘quick recommendation’ things I tend to do when I’ve not got a whole proper article to stick up here and that I largely post to show everyone that I’m not neglecting the blog (hello!). This time, it’s a rather-excellent pastiche on Channel 4’s E4 Games site which has been rather loosely based on the classic 8-bit sports title Daley Thompson’s Decathlon. Calling itself Janey Thompson’s Marathon it recreates the genuinely-uncomfortable button-bashing that made its inspiration notorious but, unlike DTD, expects you to do it for a long time. A very long time. In fact, about as long as you can manage before you start crying and push the keyboard away whilst nursing your poor fingers.

Apart from the recreation of some of the ’80s most notorious gaming it’s also a brilliant recreation of arcade games circa 1984 from the graphics (complete with scanlines and colour-bleeding) down to the sound. Someone’s already demanded a MAME feature that does much the same thing.

If you think your fingers can stand it, you can play the game here.


3 Responses to “Janey Thompson – we really want to see those fingers!”

  1. ThorN Says:

    I did a try, and after 3 minutes I say: Yes that are the good old times, total stupid gameplay with nice graphics and a nice athmosphere kill your time. Still only do left right left right … is really stupid if you think about it, but Decathlon and others are so funny each time you play.

  2. gnome Says:

    Awww…. fantastic! In a stupid and brilliantly muscle straining way. And the graphics effects are quite impressive too.

  3. Matty Says:

    I’ve been told someone’s actually played this all the way through. Takes two hours, apparently.

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