Games I’ve never played

Someone started a thread on the World of Spectrum forums about classic games that people have never played for whatever reason. This got me pondering my own list and  I came up with the following:

  • The original Legend of Zelda on the NES
  • Any of the Final Fantasy games except Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the GBA
  • The original Resident Evil (or the remake)
  • Wipeout or any of its sequels (beyond a very brief shot of what I think was a Wipeout game on the PSP when some smooth-talking salesman was giving people a go and then failing to get them to buy one)
  • Any of the Metroid games
  • Perfect Dark

So,  readers, my question to you is which of these games am I a crazy fool for never having got around to playing?


9 Responses to “Games I’ve never played”

  1. stickhead Says:

    I don’t think you are missing out on too much with those titles, though obviously a lot of people would disagree.

    Play Final Fantasy VII if you want something sprawling and atmospheric, don’t mind grinding and have a lot of time on your hands.
    Play Perfect Dark if you loved Goldeneye and want more of the same.
    Play the original Legend of Zelda if you want to develop a hankering for A Link to the Past.
    If you’re going to play a Metroid, make it Super or Fusion.
    Don’t play WipEout, play F-Zero X!
    Just don’t play RE.

    Let us know what you decide! Oh, by the way, did you enjoy FF Tactics Advance? I thought it was ace, but a lot of people say it wasn’t a patch on the Playstation version.

  2. Mark Says:

    Did you originally miss out on these games because you lacked access to the platform(s) in question, or simply because they didn’t interest you?

    All the games you mentioned are either on the PSX or Nintendo platforms, whereas most of your coverage comes from 8-bit and 16-bit home computer platforms, so I’m guessing hardware may have (initially) been a factor.

    If you’ve played more recent Zelda and Resident Evil games then you know what to expect. The gap between The Legend of Zelda (NES) and Link to the Past (SNES) is probably the largest of all the Zelda games, purely in terms of aesthetics and gameplay mechanics.

    If you’ve played RE2 & RE3 then the original RE won’t be too much of a step backwards, although if you’ve got a GameCube/Wii you might want to check out the REmake instead.

    Wipeout’s a good series. Ignore the original game, which had wonky controls, and go straight for Wipeout 2097/XL and/or Wipeout 3 on the PSX. (Wipeout 64’s not too shabby either.) Haven’t got round to playing the PS2/PSP/PS3 iterations myself, although having recently acquired a PS3 I’ll probably be checking out Wipeout HD some time soon.

    The Final Fantasy games can be tricky to recommend to first timers. You might want to try one of the 2D games first, in which case FF6 on the SNES or GBA is probably your best starting point. For the 3D games I’d go for FF8, even if it’s a bit slow to get started. FF7 is a classic for good reason although for a FF virgin it does somewhat throw you in at the deep end and has a jarring disconnect between the cutesy/deformed character models and their normal FMV equivalents.

    Over the years I’ve made a concentrated effort to play as many classics, on a variety of platforms, as possible, but there are still a good number of no-brainers that I simply haven’t got round to:

    1) Street Fighter (any)

    2) Phantasy Star (any)

    3) Halo (any)

    4) Need For Speed (any)

    5) Punch Out/Super Punch Out

    6) Castlevania (any)

    7) Ridge Racer (any)

    I’d say that generally speaking there are very few beat ’em ups and arcade-style racers that interest me, although something will occasionally grab my interest. Ie, the likes of Soulcalibur and Metropolis Street Racer.

    Phantasy Star and Castlevania I never caught first time round and simply haven’t got round to them via emulation, although they’re high on my list of priorities.

    Halo never got a look in for the simple reason that I never owned an Xbox and managed to get my FPS fill on the PC. May make an impulse purchase of the PC version one day to see what the fuss was all about.

  3. Nreive Says:

    Apart from owning a Mega Drive, I’ve never been much of a console player, so most of these passed me by. I have played the original Res Evil, although that was the PC version. Good game in B Movie style horror. You’re no more a crazy fool than console players who have never played the classic computer games.

  4. David M Says:

    * The original Legend of Zelda on the NES
    – I’ve never played it either. I should do, if only as a history lesson. I’m very fond of Ocarina, myself. On my way to completing it for the third time. Oh dear.

    * Any of the Final Fantasy games except Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the GBA
    – Longgame is looooooong. It took me four years to complete FFVII, on and off, because I couldn’t handle its drawn out turgid nature for long periods of time. It’s like watching an impenetrable anime series that makes you stop every few minutes to batter buttons on the remote. I hereby posit Skies of Arcadia as a much better JRPG. Blue skies and adventure, hurrah. (Still has the random battles problem, though…) I’ve played a few other FF games, and seem to remember quite enjoying 5. Or was it 3? (Depends, I suppose.)

    * The original Resident Evil (or the remake)
    – I’ve played 1 and 2, and quite enjoyed them at the time for their hammy B-movie stylings. (Jill, the master of unlocking.) But even then the tank controls and fixed camera angles were downsides, and I think time won’t have been kind. Resident Evil 4 is terrific fun, and another rare game I’ve completed three times. I didn’t get on with the demo for 5 at all.

    * Wipeout or any of its sequels
    – Played briefly over the years. They’re alright. I agree with the fellow above – play an F-Zero game instead! I don’t have X, but I’ve got the ace GameCube one. I also have an XBox Wipeout clone the name of which escapes me, which is fun too.

    * Any of the Metroid games
    – Of all the series you mention, this is the one you’re missing out on, f’yask me. My preferred game is Metroid: Zero Mission, which is the excellent GBA remake of the NES original. The Fusion GBA game is great too, but it loses out on the top spot because of that crappy bit where you had to progress by bombing an inconspicuous bit of floor. Pshaw. Super Metroid doesn’t do much for me, perhaps because I came to the series with the GBA ones and didn’t like having four face buttons. GameCube Metroid Prime has its moments too. Never completed it, because my save broke when I got to the final boss. Argh.

    * Perfect Dark
    – I’ve not played it much, but have played TimeSplitters 2, which is sort of the great grandson of the Rare shooters. It’s fun.

    In short: Metroid Zero Mission.


  5. ThorN Says:

    I never played Monkey Island and I never reached more than level 2 in Dungeon Master (please don’t hit me StickHead :-).

    • Matty Says:

      Monkey Island’s great, you’re proper missing out there!

      As for DM, I’ve played it a couple of times but could never get into it mainly because I found the magic system unfathomable. I preferred Eye of the Beholder (a DM-type game from the early ’90s with AD&D rules) and tried to get back into it quite recently but couldn’t be bothered with all the having-to-draw-maps-for-yourself stuff (and using pre-drawn maps gives too much away).

      • Mark Says:

        Dungeon Master’s magic system is fine if you have access to the manual.

        Spells are typically composed of up to four components: power, element, form & alignment. There are six variations of each component. So, if my party had no torches but needed light, you’d cast a basic light spell using a weak power component and the fire element.

        All the spells you need to complete the game can be found on scrolls. If you cross reference the symbols you find on a scroll with the manual’s description of the various components, you could hazard a reasonable guess as to what that spell will do. You won’t really know for sure until you use it. You can also experiment by creating your own spells. Some combinations simply won’t work, but there are a few customized spells that can create interesting results.

        In short, it was a nifty little anti-piracy device that ensured your party wouldn’t get the benefit of the spell system, but with a bit of luck you could probably complete the game without having to refer to the manual.

  6. tigerbimmer Says:

    Legend of Zelda

  7. Matty Says:

    Thanks for all the advice.

    I think I’ll pass on Final Fantasy after all, I never did like games which demand too much of my time. Ditto on RE cuz it just doesn’t sound that interesting to be honest.

    I think if I’m going to track down and play any of these games at some point then Metroid, Wipeout and Perfect Dark are looking like the tastiest options on the menu so far.

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