Poly-Play – Abfahrtslauf

Abfahrtslauf - never mind the gameplay, it sounds like it has "fart" in the middle of its name. Hur hur hur.

Abfahrtslauf - never mind the gameplay, it sounds like it has "fart" in the middle of its name. Hur hur hur.

Right, onto the third game in this series. This time we have Abfahrtslauf (Downhill Run) which is basically a downhill skiing game.

After being given an option which seems to be whether or not I want to use a control stick (?!) we get to the game itself. The player controls a man with a very red nose (I hope that doesn’t mean he’s been at the schnapps!) in a garish purple skiing outfit who has to slalom downhill (leaving a blue trail behind him as he goes – a nice touch even if the graphics don’t line up perfectly as the screenshot shows) between dots which, I suppose, represent the flags. Despite this being a skiiing game the background is completely black, perhaps too much white would have burnt-out the East German television sets this was originally designed to be played on.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Left and right make you ski in the direction you’d expect them to whilst facing forwards makes the skiier speed up (and he can reach some pretty terrifying speeds if you don’t shilly left and right a bit), if you miss going through any of the dots then you are disqualified. If you’re a silly bugger and ski into the sides of the screen then you crash and a tiny ambulance around half the size of the skiier comes on to take you away; the noise the ambulance makes is horrendous, like someone going “eee-oo-eee-oo” into a broken microphone. If you make it to the end of the stage your time is noted and you progress to the next level where the dots are closer together meaning, you’ll doubtless be astounded to hear, that things are a little trickier.

And that’s really all there is to it. Abfahrtslauf isn’t a very complicated game but it’s reasonably enjoyable for a couple of shots and building up a ridiculous speed and then shooting off to the side is a great laugh (well, the first couple of times anyway).

I give Abfahrtslauf two Karl Marx’s out of five.

EDIT: Looking at the screenshot again I’ve just noticed that the skiier actually has see-through feet! No, I don’t understand it either.

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2 Responses to “Poly-Play – Abfahrtslauf”

  1. Tom Says:

    Wow, these games look like a riot, haha

  2. stickhead Says:

    Did you know that there are only three of these Poly-Play machines left in known existence? And one of them is in Swindon in the computer museum? Matty, you have inspired me to visit Swindon, and that is quite a feat. Bravo.

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