Poly-Play – Schiessbude

All the "fun" of the "carnival".

All the "fun" of the "carnival".

Yes, yes, I know. I was supposed to write up one of these yesterday and I forgot. This probably will happen again.

Anyway what is yester.. I mean today’s Poly-Play game? Why, I’m glad you asked me that, it’s none other than Schiessbude which means “Super Lenin Brothers”!

Not really, it means “Shooting Gallery”.

So, from the name alone you can probably work out what gameplay entails (that and a quick glance at the picture at the top right of this review). The player controls a gun at the bottom of the screen and has to shoot the various objects (ducks, flowers, balloons) which scroll along an invisible conveyor belt. Bullets are limited and can be replenished by shooting the big blue box at the top left of the screen but only when it displays bullets with a “+” sign next to them; shoot it when it has a “-” sign next to them and you lose the number of bullets displayed. There also seems to be some kind of “multiplyer” boxes at the top right of the screen behind some scrolling green walls with numbers above them which increase when they’re shot. I wasn’t able to determine exactly what these do but I assume they effect scoring in some way.

Oh, I should mention that there’s an excellent feature where the ducks sometimes stop sitting there on the conveyor belt waiting to be shot and come to life on the bottom conveyor and fly around moving downwards as they do so. If they’re not shot quickly then they eat some of your bullets. This feature is the best thing in Poly Play so far by a mile.

As for sound, there’s a completely unnecessary and unwanted (not to mention inexplicable) return of the horrible “siren” from Abfahrtslauf as the “game starting” sound effect, simply in-game effects and a beepy rendition of a “carnival” theme for game over.

Unfortunately, this game is somewhat sunk by the fact it doesn’t seem to progress properly. Shoot all the targets and rather than progress to another (more difficult) level the targets just keep on scrolling from the top-left only not too numerously and, curiously, only as ducks. Since by this time it’s easy to hit the blue box to keep ammunition levels up it soon becomes boring and rather pointless. A shame because, up until then, it’s a reasonably entertaining little game.

I give Schiessbude two Karl Marx’s out of five.

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