Spelunky 1.0

"This is as far as Dangerous got, just before he was perforated by a completely hidden spear"

Newer, shinier, V1.0-ier

I mentioned in a post a while back how much I love Spelunky the excellent procedurally-generated platform game where you whip snakes, avoid piranhas and steal gold. Well, the game’s programmer Derek Yu has finally got around to releasing the first non-beta build of the game, V1.0, and it can now be downloaded from its very own website.

Data used in previous versions seems to carry-over into the new version without any problems, just copy-across the relevant files from the game’s root directory.

Even better news for XBox360 owners – apparently a special version is being written (presumably for download from XBox Live Arcade) and pencilled-in for a 2010 release!

Now, if only a Nintendo DS release were forthcoming…

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