Spelunky – soon to be XBox360 flavoured

He's all-new, he's high-def, but he's still 2D! Ha; take that, The Man!

Hot on the heels of the last post, pictures from the much-anticipated XBox360 port of the Best Game Of The Last Ten Years (That I Have Played) Spelunky have finally been released along with some hints at what can be expected in the finished game. Along with the terrific, procedurally-generated gaming that we all know and love new features for owners of Microsoft’s notoriously prone-to-breaking-down console include: dynamic lighting, achievements and “new game modes”. Naturally, the graphics have been given a thorough makeover (as you can doubtless see, assming you’re not prone to completely ignoring the pictures I attach to posts here) described as “hand drawn” that nonetheless seem to retain the character of the originals.

I’d say I can’t wait only I don’t have an XBox360 and so I’m incredibly jealous. You lucky bastards, etc!

For more details and more pics, visit Spelunky World.

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2 Responses to “Spelunky – soon to be XBox360 flavoured”

  1. Spelunky – soon to be XBox360 flavoured « Matty on Games | Download xbox360 games Ceter Says:

    […] View strange post here: Spelunky – shortly to be XBox360 flavoured « Matty upon Games […]

  2. StickHead Says:

    Actually, I’m a little disappointed that they aren’t using the old blocky graphics. I love pixels, especially when they’re blown up to LEGO brick proportions on my HD telly.

    Still, it’s another A+ title to add to my XBLA collection, musn’t grumble.

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