A couple of recs (contains fantasy lasers)

The next C64 game up for review is Tai Pan which is why it’s taking so long to appear. Tai Pan, for those who don’t know, is a complex trading game with a bit of RPG thrown in and needs a goodly amount of time spent playing it to understand and appreciate all of its ins and outs and roundabouts (so to speak) so it’s going to be a wee while before I get the thing written up. Until then, I’ve a couple of recommendations for you all.

Hurrah for Hurrican (and his massive weapon)!

First off is a homage to Turrican which came out a few years ago but which somehow passed me by. I’m still trying to decide if I like Hurrican or not. The graphics are excellent and the sound, especially the music, is very much in keeping with the original game. Unfortunately, after the excellent first level, the game starts bringing back rather too many of the original series “features” that should have been left well alone – things like floors that crumble suddenly underneath the player and other irritating traps. They’re slightly better implemented than they used to be, though (you actually seem to have a chance to avoid them this time around) and if you liked the original games then it’s still well worth a shot.

What do you call an entranceway five stories up that's also a scrolling shooter? Hydorah! Thanks.

The other, going by the name of Hydorah and which I found out about thanks to regular reader Gnome, is also a homage title; this time to Gradius and other classic scrolling shooters of the ’80s and ’90s. Early impressions are that it plays pretty-much as well as the games it’s paying tribute to although it might be a bit easy for those more used to the tougher old-school difficulty of the early Gradius titles.

So, give those a shot if you haven’t already (and let me know what you think in the comments) and hopefully I’ll get a review of Tai Pan up here soon (once I’ve actually managed to make a profit probably).

Hurrican can be found at this link here, whereas Hydorah is found here.

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One Response to “A couple of recs (contains fantasy lasers)”

  1. gnomeslair Says:

    So glad you liked Hydorah. I almost missed a deadline thanks to the thing.

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