How falling ceilings might ruin an otherwise-great game

Ah, the innocence of the first level where infuriating ceiling blocks falling on our hero's bonce are almost entirely absent.

That Tai Pan review is still coming, folks, don’t worry. This post is another stop-gap post and this post is a melancholy whinge. You see, in my last post I mentioned Hurrican, the freeware homage to the classic 8-bit and 16-bit Turrican series and I said that whilst I quite liked it I wasn’t sure about it because of some sneaky traps on stage two. Well, I’ve decided that I don’t mind the blocks with the spikes on them, because they’re reasonably honourable and you can see them coming if you pay attention and turn into a spiky disc thing to escape them, I don’t even mind the floors that collapse if you step on them that much because you still get the briefest time if you’re careful and, hey, they were in the original Turrican games. No, what I’ve really grown to loath on stage two is the blimmin’ ceiling slabs which fall on you and drain loads of energy because you can’t see them coming! There you are, jumping along, shooting bad guys and grabbing diamonds quite the thing and BAM a huge block falls from nowhere and you lose lots of energy and Hurrican asplode! It breaks my heart, because I love the old Turrican games, despite their faults, and I want to love this because unlike other Turrican homages I’ve played it feels properly like the old games: the levels are sprawling and interesting with loads of clever hidden areas and the music is spot-on but I hate the falling blocks and they’re coming close to ruining it for me. I’ll keep playing because I want to get further and I’m telling myself they’ll stop after level two but part of me worries… what if they don’t. What if they’re a “feature” of the rest of the game? *sobs*


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