Pick a game for Matty

Did you play it then? What do you mean “no, I had meaningful things to do that had a lasting impact both on myself and society?” There’s always time for a wee play of Uwol you bunch of miserables.

Pick a game, any game (as long as it's in this picture)

Anyway, for those who did give my challenge a go I didn’t manage to complete it but I did end one game with 205 coins, not far off the number needed to have Uwol leave the house a happy… whatever he’s supposed to be.

This weekend I have another request for you, but it’s not about “wasting” your “time” playing old “video” games. No, this time I need you all to help me decide how I’m going to be “wasting” my “time” for some of next “week” (that’s enough “humourous” use of scare-quotes – Ed). You see, I have these three games that have been kicking around my shelves for a while. Two of them were rescued from my local Oxfam Music in the last couple of years and the third one I’ve had for a ridiculously long time without ever getting around to playing it. So I need you lot to help me pick one. Then I’m going to install it, play it, and tell you what I thought of it.

The games are:

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines – From 1998, the first game in the Commados series which Wikipedia tells me is a “single player real-time tactics computer game” set in Europe and Africa during World War II where I get to command a whole bunch of allied special ops-types of various allied nationalities (and one Irishman).

Full Throttle – Tim Schafer graphic adventure from 1995 released by Lucas Arts. Set in a dystopian future (a dystopian future, in a ’90s videogame? Surely some mistake!) and involving motorcycles. Reputed to be rather good.

Thief II: The Metal Age – I bought this ages ago because it was the 2000 sequel to 1998’s Thief: The Dark Project which I really liked and which remains one of the scariest videogames I’ve ever played. Not sure how well the whole “darkness” thing will work on an LCD monitor but, should you choose it, we’ll see.

If you have an opinion, let me know in the comments. Come on, make me play something!

EDIT: 22nd August, the votes are in. Thief II is the winner! Time for me to get my moss arrows out…

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5 Responses to “Pick a game for Matty”

  1. gnome Says:

    They are all great games Matty, but I would begin with Full Throttle. It will, after all, be over in a few hours. Great writing, good humour, easy puzzles, great graphics, top voice-acting and an interesting plot.

  2. Marc Says:

    Another vote for Thief II. You get to sneak up on a guard and bop him on the head, then watch the ensuing chaos from the shadows. Is there anything more satisfying?

  3. Nreive Says:

    As I’m a stratgey over action kind of guy, it would be Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines for me. I remember playing a demo of this during its release… Thought it was pretty decent and would be the kind of game that you’d get heavily involved with.

  4. Matty Says:

    Looks like ‘Thief II’ has won and I find myself slightly pleased at the fact. If it had gone to a draw and I’d have had to have chosen one I think that might well have been it.

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