The votes are in…

…and the winner is Thief II: The Metal Age. Actually, if you’ve read the post previous to this one in the last few days you’ll know that anyway because I attached the result as an edit instead of waiting to announce it in a new post like this properly. Hem hem hem.

Lots of this kind of tomfoolery!

Anyway, yes, I’ll finally be playing a game I bought fuck knows how long ago and which has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust since then. I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I hope there’s lots and lots of characters calling people “taffers” and not too many zombies suddenly jumping into life when I walk close to them and giving me the shits as in the last game.

I’ll be playing it for the rest of the week and then, hopefully, put up some kind of review next weekend. I might even post some stuff on this blog about other things before then. Fancy!


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