Hydrozone – now available in freeware

Those of you out there with an interest in fairly obscure 1994 Amiga indie titles (and that’s probably most regular readers of this ‘ere weblog) will be delighted to know that Hydrozone, the demo of which graced an Amiga Action cover disk back in the days of John Major, Criminal Justice Bill protests and The Rednex, has now been released in full as freeware.

There’s a little story behind this good news. A few weeks ago someone posted to a thread on the English Amiga Board about tracking-down the authors of old Amiga indie commercial software to find if it could be published on the web as freeware and someone asked whether anyone knew where a full version of an old Skull Army Software game called Hydrozone could be found. A week or so later who should appear on the forum thread but the original programmer of said game, having been alerted by one of the thread’s other posters, who told us that he still had all his old titles on disk and, having transferred them all to PC for emulator-friendliness, he would be tweaking them, fixing them up and releasing them to the Amiga community as freeware. The first out of the door is Hydrozone itself now updated to V1.02 (only 16 years after the original release) and available by following the link on the forum post here. And as if that’s not enough he’s thrown Speed Racer FX, the sequel, onto the same disk.

Hydrozone is essentially a first-person racer game with some shoot-em-up elements. The nearest equivalent I can think of is the trench sequences from the old Star Wars arcade cabinet. The screenshot above-right doesn’t really do the game justice, you really need to see it move. There’s a YouTube video of the game in action here if you need more persuading.

Download, play, enjoy; and if you can be bothered let me know what you think!

In other news, I’m back in employment again (woohoo) on a six-month contract which means I have less time for sitting about and writing about old video games so this blog might get updated a little less regularly in future; maybe two or three times and month (which is going to be hugely different to recent updating speeds, obviously).

And, no, I’ve not finished the Cecco articles. Exolon is up next…

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2 Responses to “Hydrozone – now available in freeware”

  1. StickHead Says:

    I love stories like these. Amiga fans get a new game to play and the original programmer gets a little ego boost thinking that people are still enjoying a creation they previously thought forgotten. Everyone’s a winner.

  2. Indie-schmindie « Matty on Games Says:

    […] interviews with David Cruikshank (who was responsible for the recently-rediscovered Hydrozone which I wrote about a wee while ago), Tony Warriner who worked on the now-freeware adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky and Adrian […]

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