Itchy typing finger

What's going on here then? Download it and find out, Mr/Mrs Curious.

Don’t worry, I’ve not gone anywhere, I’m just rather busy with real-life stuff (ie work, reading, having a bad back). But rather than just put in a placeholder post to let you know I’m still updating this thing, I’ve decided to give a quick plug to a new game.

It’s for the ZX Spectrum, it’s by Jonathan Cauldwell (the chap behind one of my favourite games of the last ten years, Egghead Round the Med) and it’s a type-em-up. For those who aren’t well versed in this rather niche genre, it consists of games where progress is made by typing words shown on the screen. In arguably the best-known example of the genre, Typing of the Dead, the player has to type sentences to destroy zombies. In Cauldwell’s addition to the ouvre, Utter Tripe, various subgames are played by typing in words. That barely covers the gameplay in this varied and addictive little highscore game but it’s well worth downloading it and finding out for yourself. I showed it to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and she refused to leave it alone for about half an hour, and even then only because there was a bus to catch.

You can get the game from the link in the announcement post on the WoS forums which is here. You’ll need a Spectrum or Spectrum emulator (and, according to some poor bastards who tried it the other way, an emulation platform with a keyboard) to play it, but of course you smart lot already knew that.

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One Response to “Itchy typing finger”

  1. gnomeslair Says:

    Hooray for typing games! Oh, and sincerely hope the back gets better. Fast.

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