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If you pay any sort of attention to the links I keep somewhere over there -> on the front page of this bloggo you’ll know about Amiga PD. Don’t let the rather-spartan name put you off, it’s one of the few good resources for independent Amiga software of yesteryear there is on the internet and an excellent recent development has been the appearance on the site of a number of interviews with indie programmers.The interviews are accessed by going to the main site (which I linked to previously, although given that you all can read and can spot the telltale blue colour and underscore of a link I don’t know why I’m bothering to tell you that, maybe it just feels good to get my wordcount up) and choosing “interviews” from the drop-down menu.

Of particular note are interviews with David Cruikshank (who was responsible for the recently-rediscovered Hydrozone which I wrote about a wee while ago), Tony Warriner who worked on the now-freeware adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky and Adrian Cummings who worked on unfairly-neglected indie platformers like Tin Toy Adventure during the twilight of the Amiga’s commercial life when most developers were pursuing the doomed (ho ho!) goal of trying to re-create a certain ID Software first-person shooter on standard A1200 hardware.

Many of the games are now freeware and links for some of them are provided in the interviews. I’m going to give a particular shout-out for Dave Parson’s Trog! (also known as Og!) which supplies this article’s piccy-in-the-top-right and which is a likeable and surprisingly-tough side-scrolling indie platfomerer in the mould of Wonderboy and which, frustratingly despite being rather good is nonetheless only available to us as what must be described as a second-rate version. I’ll let you read the interview to find out more.

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2 Responses to “Indie-schmindie”

  1. Amgiapd Says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments about the website – just to add – you can also visit our facebook page which provides updates of when interviews have been completed and other updates to the site.!/pages/Amigapd/179290508780793

  2. gnome Says:

    Lovely being reminded of such excellent sites. Thanks Matty!

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