Frank N Stein Me Not

Collect the flowers and build the monster. They're very similar, thematically.

Once again I’m going to fill a gap in postings here with a couple of recommendations, one new and one very old. First up, I was visiting family in That England recently and my brother’s fiancee asked for app recommendations for her iPad. Now, whilst I can remember the details of a text adventure a mate was going on about twenty-odd years ago (long story) I couldn’t recall any of the dozens of iProduct apps I’d seen recommended recently bar the ZX Spectrum emulators, and I doubt she’d have been interested in that. “Oh, hand on” says I, something emerging from the fog of recent memory, “there’s one called “Forget Me Not”, or something like that.” So she goes looking for it on the app store and there it is for a very reasonable price. It gets downloaded and we all have dinner and, afterwards, I decide to pick up the pad and have a wee shot.

I was picking up that iPad a bit too much over the next couple of days. And gurning. And going “bugger!” a lot.

Forget Me Not provoked that reaction not because it’s bad but because it’s terrific, in fact frequent cussing is a sign I like a game; if I don’t I tend to just sigh and switch it off. Loosely based on the old Commodore 64 title Crossroads and incorporating aspects of both Pac-Man and Rogue it’s one of the most addictive little games I’ve ever played and, like all truly great videogames, reveals more and more features and subtleties the longer you play it. There are rumours that it will be available soon for PC and Mac as well as the iThings. Can’t wait!

The other gaming recommendation is much older but was brought to my attention due to something far more recent. Frank N Stein is an elderly platform/action game for the ZX Spectrum clearly drawing inspiration from a certain 19th century novel and which, until very recently, had a few bugs which made it impossible to pass certain levels. There’s been a recently push amongst the 8-bit community to fix these geriatric gaming bugs and Frank N Stein, nearly 30 years after its original release, now has a patched-up version available. About time too as it’s a brilliant, varied action game that forces to player to plan and think at the same time as dodge monsters.

I’ve provided links to both games in the text above (you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to find them) so click away. As a way to end this article I’ll mention that I recently helped-out in the bug-fix stakes by playtesting the newly-fixed version of N.E.I.L. Android which I can now confirm is completable but which I can also state is utter crap.

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3 Responses to “Frank N Stein Me Not”

  1. gnome Says:

    Ah, yes, quite enjoyed Forget Me Not myself, As for Frank N Stein, I’ve yet to try it, though that’s about to change.

  2. Toby Says:

    I’m doing a rewrite of Frank N Stein, and have it all done …bar the room designs. I’ve stalled at what should be the easiest bit!

  3. Frank-Me-Not-Again-O-Something « Matty on Games Says:

    […] this is odd. Not that long ago I wrote a post about two games I had recently discovered and grown to love: one of these was the superb iThing […]

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