Footie Manager Revisited


“Ball Ball Ball! Footie Footie Footie!”

Now here’s something interesting, and just in time (well, nearly) for the 2012 European Championships. “Modding” (as it is now known) is unusual in 8-bit games, with the exception of Jet Set Willy an editor for which was released back in the era. But here we have someone who has taken one of the most popular footy management games ever, the original 1982 Football Manager, and essentially “modded” it as Football Manager Revisited to add brand-new features as well as up-to-date teams and squads. Nice one.

More information and downloads here.

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4 Responses to “Footie Manager Revisited”

  1. Darío Ruellan (@druellan) Says:

    I’m from Argentina and I think I never saw the “original” Football Manager, but the “modded” versions. First the translated one, but later one with local teams, better menus, etc. Here it was like an Open Source project 😛

    • Matty Says:

      That’s really interesting, Darío. In the UK, Football Manager was extremely popular throughout pretty-much the whole of the ’80s. I didn’t get my Spectrum until 1987 and people were still playing, and talking about, it then. I never knew it had “travelled” so far and been modded quite so much. 🙂

      • Darío Ruellan (@druellan) Says:

        Well, yes!
        The Spectrum was extremely popular here. We used to have licensed versions, built in Tierra del Fuego (by Czerweny), even Timex got some Sinclair 2068 built here. The pirate market exploded (later some Spain labels started to sell original copies, but on the 80’s, the only way to find games was via pirates). To picture you the ammount of ZX software traffic here, I was able to contribute to the World of Spectrum vault, a couple of MIA games 😀
        Back to Football Manager, since the only way to find the game here was pirated, and every pirate here was a football enthusiast, the most popular versions were the modded ones.

  2. Ged Madden Says:

    Excellent improvement on the original – but when is someone going to do a c64 version of this – and an editor for both speccy/64 versions? 🙂

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