Endless Ports Most Beautiful

“I’ve got mixed nuts and raisins!” “Wow!” “Salted cashews” “Oh boy!” “Better, more colourful graphics” “More more more!”

One of the best damn Spectrum games of the last year or so is Endless Forms Most Beautiful, a superb, tricky, platformer which combines old-school and new-school ideas (8-bit gameplay married to randomly-generated levels). I was therefore both surprised and delighted to discover that it has been ported to Windows-based PCs by the superb retro-style coder¬†Locomalito. I say “ported” but this is really a remix of the original game with numerous new features (which I won’t go into – it’s better you discover them yourself, although if you look at the picture on the right you might notice a chap who looks a bit like Sid Spanners) as well as 16-bit style graphics and sound and a two-player mode making the whole thing into a sort-of coin-op game from 1987 that never existed. Oh, and it’s freeware.

More information and download here.


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One Response to “Endless Ports Most Beautiful”

  1. StickHead Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Matty. I’m going to have to try both this and the original Speccy version. Isn’t incredible that people put so much work into something and then give it to you for free? Man, I’d like to buy these guys a beer.

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