There are smaller things to race…

It’s moving at a terrific speed but it’s solar powered and environmentally friendly, Jeremy Clarkson would be so confused.

Incredibly, two of my favourite pick-up-and-play games discovered in the last year or so have been web-browser based. First there was the excellently straightforward strategy title Hex Empire, now there’s Race the Sun, a fast-moving action racing game which owes more than a bit to the classic 8-bit title 3D Deathchase. Based on the premise of a furious race against a setting sun in a solar-powered craft, gameplay consists of dodging dirty great pillars jutting out the surface of the planet said craft is skimming across and collecting pyramids for bonus points all whilst moving really, really fast. Clipping a pillar (and later, weird snakey things that look like they’ve recently vacated Space Harrier) will slow the craft down meaning it needs a few seconds to regain full speed whilst slamming into a pillar means Game Over. And when the sun sets, the craft sadly loses speed as it loses power until coming to a stop.

I don’t think Race the Sun is perfect. For a start some in-game features, such as a collectable that reverse the sun’s passage across the sky and another that launches the solar-powered ship into the air, have to be “unlocked”, something that I think detracts from the level playing field I think is important in highscore games like this. It’s also a shame, given how much it puts me in mind of Deathchase, that you can’t shoot things. Nevertheless this is an entertaining and very very fast little racer which, considering it’s still in the Alpha stage (the programmers hope to release it on Windows and Mac eventually; I’d throw in iOS and Android if I were them), already shows a lot of promise. There’s not really much more I can tell you about it, you’re far better off experiencing it yourself so on you go. Score to beat (as of posting) is 109,309…

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2 Responses to “There are smaller things to race…”

  1. David M Says:

    Race The Sun is great fun, excellent recommendation. I was a massive fan of 3D Deathchase (still am) and really enjoyed this one. Got to region 4 and smashed into the first thing I saw, but scored 159,255 in the process. Phew.

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