Now with added extra stuff!

Ere, oo’ be you?

As another stop-gap post in the “Matty plays the Humble Bundle” series (and I’ve been busying myself writing the next, erm, write-up for that so don’t worry) I thought I’d write a post about something which has been interesting me recently about arcade conversions for home computers/consoles in the misty mists of yesteryear. Reader, I’m talking about exclusive extra content. For example:

The Sega Megadrive version of Mercs has a whole alternative version of the game to play alongside the arcade orignal.

The Megadrive version of the stupidly-named shooter Slap Fight has the same.

Bignonia’s unofficial Amiga conversions of the C64 version of conversions of old arcade machines (did that make sense?) include extra levels, including a whole new stage for their conversion of Donkey Kong.

The Gameboy Advance cartridge Arcade Advance features conversions of a number of ’80s arcade games but using the Konami Code reveals a whole bunch of alternative and enhanced versions including Rush’n’Attack/Green Beret having additional levels.

I seem to remember reading that the Megadrive version of Golden Axe features an additional level.

As I discovered on YouTube today, the Sega Master System version of R-Type has a new hidden level.

Can anyone think of any others? I’ll post more here under the appropriate tag as I discover/remember them.

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