Flashback to Flashback?


Welcome back to the jungle!

Well, this is an interesting development. It looks like someone has decided to remake the classic ’90s arcade adventure Flashback for modern platforms. And when I say “remake” I mean “remake”, not “re-imagining”. It’ll have posh new graphics but the gameplay and levels are, apparently, going to be the same.

It’s been such a long time since I played Flashback for anything more than about ten minutes that I can’t remember whether it stands up well or now feels very dated but its reputation and my memories suggest that this might well transfer quite well to modern HD graphics and I’m always happy to see something that might attract people to the joys of 2D gaming.

There really is precious little to go on at the moment so why not gawp at the picture off in the top-right there? Pretty.

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3 Responses to “Flashback to Flashback?”

  1. Ralph Ferrett Says:

    I was delighted to read about this. Loved Flashback. But if memory recalls correctly it was devillishly difficult.

    I don’t think this is entirely “good old day” harrumpfing to state that games are mostly easier these days (been playing Elite and it reminded me just how tricky that was) and I wonder if a game as unforgiving as Flashback might frustrate the kid of casual gamers these retro remakes are often targetted at?

    • Matty Says:

      Games are definitely easier these days, something that’s unfortunately seeped into indie games done in an oldschool style (see my article about Shatter last year).

      As for Flashback, assuming the remake gets finished it’ll be interesting to see who it’s pitched at. People who remember the original game will probably be up for the difficultly level but a lot of those who’ve grown-up having their hand held by modern games might find it too tricky, and yet these are the sort of people I want games like this to be discovered by. Maybe they might even like the difficulty level, discover the joys of beating something being a real achievement rather than just a reward for putting the hours in.

  2. StickHead Says:

    But look at the picture! He’s shooting at an an angle. AN ANGLE!

    Oh god, I’m turning into one of those people, aren’t I…

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