Jim Bagley’s ZX81 Racing


Broom broom

Legendary ex-Ocean programmer and general 8-bit person of fame, Jim Bagley, has released a hi-res racing game for baldy inventor Sir Clive Sinclair’s ancient ZX81 home computer, a platform notable for its lack of hi-res graphics as standard. It goes by the excellently-literal title of Jim Bagley’s ZX81 Racing and I’ve not played it yet, partly because I haven’t installed a ZX81-capable emulator on the new PC yet, so I’ve no idea if it’s great or shite but I provide a linky here to the announcement thread so you can all download it, try it yourselves, and make “neeeeeeoooowwwww!” noises and stick your finger in the air like Sebastian Vettel if you’re good at it.

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2 Responses to “Jim Bagley’s ZX81 Racing”

  1. StickHead Says:

    I didn’t realise that high resolution graphics were even possible on the ZX81. I thought that it was all character based.

    • Matty Says:

      The ZX81 was certainly designed to use chunky character-based graphics but it can display much more hi-res graphics: look at the character set, the pixels that make up the letters are about the same size as those on a Spectrum. Some people basically seem to have managed to access the hardware directly and draw their own graphics using those innate abilities. Making it play music may prove more difficult ;).

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