“Itsa me, I’m a lady!”

PaulineI’m sure most of you have seen this already, but if you haven’t take a look at this hack of Donkey Kong with the gender roles reversed.

Now we just need a hack of the Temple of Doom arcade machine where a small child with a whip rescues dozens of captured American archaeologists in fedoras.

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3 Responses to ““Itsa me, I’m a lady!””

  1. jocuri clasice Says:

    Actualy I didn’t come across this one until now. the only “reverse” game that I played was a version of Space Invaders

    • Matty Says:

      Playing an alien defending the ground from attacks by waves of laserbases or an alien attacking heavily-defended ground from the sky?

  2. jocuri clasice Says:

    The second version.

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