Having an easy weekend?


Whatever happened to off-roading?

Presumably thinking we were all taking it far too easy this weekend, Dave Hughes of Endless Forms Most Beautiful fame decided to set us all a highscore challenge on the World of Spectrum forums. The bastarding bastard game he chose is a 1984 release for the squishy keyed wonder with the disarmingly boring name of Rally Driver. Published by Micro Mart (who were also responsible for, erm, World Flags) The player takes control of a rally car (unusually placed at the top of the screen with the environment scrolling up) and has to stick to the road, hitting the sides meaning game over.

What makes it such a bastarding bastard game is that the sensitivity of the car’s handling is ludicrous meaning that a quick tap of the left or right key makes the car hurtle across the screen. It doesn’t help that the “rally track” was apparently designed by a drunk sadist and features ludicrous twists and turns. It’s horribly difficult and yet you will play it again and again to beat your high score (or those obtained by the – presumably – cybernetically-enhanced players on WoS). Try it.


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