Like Pac-Man, only not like Pac-Man


The purile amongst you may enjoy pretending that the player’s blob does loads of purple shites after eating monsters.

What would Pac-Man look like in reverse? Going by the name Nam-Cap (DYS?), this game takes what sounds like a four-pints-later pub conversation gambit and turns it into an actual videogame. The player controls what can only be described as a blobby-thing which needs to fill an empty maze with dots. It has to eat the (harmless) patrolling monsters to keep laying the dots, and every time it eats a monster it leaves a heart which gives the monsters the power to chase and destroy our blobby hero should they collect it. Oh, and whilst the monsters are “powered-up”, the player character also starts eating any dots he moves over, like in the original Pac-Man. So are the fruits replaced with vegetables? Well, no, they’re replaced with wandering devils who kill the player’s character regardless. I’m not sure how this exactly an inversion but it works in the context of the game so let’s not think about it too hard, eh?

Despite clearly having been designed as some kind of experiment and ironic nod to Pac-Man, Nam-Cap actually works quite well as a game and is, therefore, recommended for a spot of time wasting and high score beating. More information and links to where it can be played here.

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