What’s going on here? FUN!

Totally Tiny Arcade is great, it’s just fucking great. I don’t want to explain too much because you should download a copy (it’s free) and discover it yourself but it’s basically loads of mini-games (think Wario Ware or Jonathan Cauldwell’s Gamex) , based on ’80s coin-op arcade games, played against the clock. Download, install, play, thank me later.

I feel obliged to point out that I discovered this lovely wee game via the excellent Free Bundle. Totally Tiny Arcade’s “home” website is here.

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One Response to “Totally”

  1. StickHead Says:

    Ooh, this looks nice! I like the way the description on the Free Bundle website says “Inspired by games like 1492”. I think it’s an innocent mistake, but it would have been very funny if they had thought of pseudo-bootleg names for the games: “1492, Trogger, Slac-Man, Poon Patrol, Sly Gunter…”

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