I’m Steamin’

Hotline Miami

“Someone get the Cillit Bang”

Did you get anything nice in the Steam sales, then? I got:

Hugely addictive, awesomely-soundtracked, repetitive in a good way, “retro-styled” (e.g. sprite-based and
actually a challenge) top-down violent psychadelic action game Hotline Miami.

Disappointing (although I’ve only played against the computer so far) but appealingly “looks like the
computer display in Wargames” global thermonuclear war simulator DEFCON.

Superb twin-stick shooter Bullet Candy.

Brilliant, ludicrously hardcore, visually spartan but aurally lush action game Super Hexagon.

Silly and entertaining parody of The Oregon Trail zombie strategy action title Organ Trail.

Middle Ages “shuffle things around a map and sometimes fight awesome battles” game Medieval Total War II
which, despite being about seven years old, still has fewer graphical glitches than the later Empire Total

Anyone else get anything lovely?


EDIT: Realised I also picked up Time Gentlemen, Please and Ben There, Dan That for the price of a Tesco “potted noodle snack” but I’ve not played them yet!


2 Responses to “I’m Steamin’”

  1. SA Says:

    FTL. Absolutely superb. (Sword of the Stars: The Pit is pretty amazing too.)

    • Matty Says:

      FTL is amazing. I picked it up a couple of months ago after chatting to a friend in the pub about indie games and he suggested I get my sweaty mits on it post-haste. Think I clocked up three hours play in the first day.

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