Finders Keepers revisited


Just one of many Finders Keepers rooms with a badly-designed monster pathway (sorry, David).

On the heels of Colin Stewart’s re-working of his excellent 1985 title Frank-N-Stein, David Jones has announced on the World of Spectrum forums that he’s looking to re-mix the same year’s Finders Keepers, the game that introduced Magic Knight to the world.

Finders Keepers is a very clever little game which mixes platforming and maze-game styles with a bit of object manipulation. It also features a trading system whereby objects can be sold to in-game salespeople and more expensive items can be bought with the money made. I seem to remember David saying that this was all part of an attempt to give the game a mildly educational edge.

For all its good qualities, it’s also a flawed game with some frustrating elements and badly-placed monsters (common in games that use energy-depletion rather than one-touch-to-lose-a-life mechanics) which David is looking to fix as part of the reworking. Looking forward to it.

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