Not enough sugar in this jam


Actually, can someone do this for the actual Spectrum plz?

Speccy Jam is a brilliant idea, of course. But unfortunately, I’ve not been massively impressed with the quality of the games that have actually come out of it so far. Too many seem crude or half-finished and don’t really work all that well as games – Henry Hedgehog, for example, is a below-average JSW clone whilst Bin Em feels like a two-star smartphone game that happens to the use the Spectrum palette. I really like Water Spears, though, which looks, sounds and plays like an actual classic Spectrum game with happy echoes of the excellent Scuba Dive.

Go here and have a shot of the games yourselves.

And whilst I’m talking the Spectrum indie scene, it’s worth keeping tabs on the Comp Sys Sinclair Crap Games Competition 2013 blog. Cassette Fifty, you have so much to answer for. *shakes fist with free calculator on the wrist*

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