M.I.A. Okay!


Go, go, go bit of putty!

Happy Christmas! I hope you all “had” a good “one”. I was in Northhumberland, experiencing a mixture of beautiful cloudless skies with frosty mornings and terrifying, window-rattling storms.

Anyway, it being the season of goodwill and all that, System 3 have finally released the Amiga version of Putty Squad to the world at large, a mere 20 years after it was given glowing reviews in the gaming press and then vanished without a trace save for a couple of coverdisk demos. A spot of playing reveals it’s very similar to the released SNES version, although with controls designed around the one-button joystick most Amigas used in a way that works surprisingly well. There are a few downers such as the fingers pointing to the exit and (especially) the passwords not appearing onscreen for all that long. Keep a pen handy or, if emulating, be prepared to hit whatever pauses the emulation whilst you scribble the codes down. But apart from that, a quick play reminds you that this game is generally as brilliant as it’s ever been and well worth a shot when it’s going for nowt.

Putty Squad works on any AGA capable Amiga and comes on two disks. The ADF images (which can be ported to real disks – instructions provided in the download) are available from System 3 here. Happy, erm, puttying.

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