Influential imps

Zombies! Not enough of those in games, are there?

Zombies! Not enough of those in games, are there?

MidBoss is an interesting mash-up (gods, I fucking hate that phrase but what else am I supposed to say here?) of traditional roguelikes such as Angband and the old Commodore 64 game Paradroid. The player starts in a dungeon controlling an imp with little to boast about other than the ability to possess defeated enemies. So the first thing to do is take possession of a defeated rat, the next-crappest creature in the dungeon after the imp, and from there try to possess stronger and stronger creatures, taking on their special abilities permanently with experience, until eventually possessing one of those BDSM monsters from Dungeon Keeper or something. It’s more simplistic than some roguelikes (not necessarily a bad thing) and the possession mechanic makes it feel suitably unique in a very crowded genre. The isometric graphics are a nice touch too.

Midboss is currently in beta and the developers encourage you to vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you enjoy it. You can find it here.


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