Making Willy Harder


Fuck your “walk through both kitchen rooms without any of the monsters hitting you”

Everyone who has ever played Matthew Smith’s classic 1984 platform game Jet Set Willy has surely had the same thought –

“What this game really needs is to be less easy. In fact it could really do with being much, much more difficult.”

Well, 32 years after the game was originally published it looks like someone has taken heed because a new ZX Spectrum remix of the original game has been released called Jet Set Willy: The Nightmare Edition.

The goal and map is much the same as the original game but pretty-much every room has been subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, altered to make an already challenging game carpet-chewingly frustrating. In addition to this, there are some other tweaks such as a new “nightmarish” in-game font, extra tunes and a few wee new touches here and there.

Hopefully, these will make up for your pulling all your fucking hair out.

More details and download links at this page here.

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One Response to “Making Willy Harder”

  1. Andy Says:

    Thank you for the review. πŸ™‚

    The contributor team over at jswmm have worked very hard at building this, it was based from the ‘2015BugFixed’ code (which already had some essential fixes applied) as well as the ‘official’ ones given out by Software Projects ‘back in the day’

    One neat tweak noticeable from the screenshot is the item count now counts down “Items remaining” vs “Items collected” so there’s no doubt when Willy had completed his task. There are actually quite a few other tweaks too but I’d rather not give spoilers out at this stage. Players will find and notice them. πŸ™‚

    The ‘official’ page for it is here including download links too:


    Andy aka ‘Spider’ jswmm

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