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A quick pop-in to say “hi” and borrow some sugar

26 November, 2009

I’m still working on the novel (which is going to reach the 50,000 words required by NaNoWriMo quite easily but which is nowhere near finished) so there’s still no time for a proper article. Instead, have some brief updates with hyperlinks:

So what do I have for you? Well, back in the mid ’80s a brilliant platform game for the MSX home computer was published called King’s Valley. Sadly, it wasn’t converted to the other major home computer formats (MS-DOS aside, although that was hardly major at the time) and so is largely unknown outside of MSX circles. But now, in 2009, that’s all changed thanks to Retroworks waving their magical wand and, once the choking smoke has cleared and the fire extinguisher has put-out the small blaze on the curtains caused by the sparks, revealing a ZX Spectrum port of that very game. It’s awfie good. There’s also an article about the recent winner of the highscore record for the classic videogame Galaga, an Australian called Phil, and how he got there. You can read it at this link here and (probably) be inspired to dig-out your own copy of Galaga or thinly-disguised knock-off title of choice. And finally, here’s a review of Machinerium by a recent immigrant to these rainswept islands who’s better at writing than I am.