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Manic Miner the Lost Levels

28 October, 2009

MMLLIt’s here! Manic Miner the Lost Levels is a collaborative project by coders Headsoft and journalist and videogame historian Stuart Campbell which came about after the latter wrote an article in Retro Gamer magazine about the “missing” Manic Miner levels: platform-specific extra stages which appeared when Matthew Smith’s 1983 ZX Spectrum classic was ported to various other home computers. The short of it is, these various levels (50 in total – more that double the number of screens in the original game) were hunted-down, documented and then used to create a whole “new” Manic Miner game for the DS with tarted-up modern (well, more-modern) graphics and sound.

Whilst it can be played on emulator, it really wants to be played on a proper DS. Download it from its website here.

I’ve not played it yet, but when I do expect a review to appear on this ‘ere blog o’ mine.

EDIT: I made an error (how unlike me, ahem)! Apparently, the number of “lost” Manic Miner levels actually comes to 20, the same as the number of stages in the original game. The 50 levels in the DS game includes new levels by the programmers. So there.