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Nodes of iPod

21 December, 2010

Charlie Fotheringham-Grunes wonders where the flippety-flop that 1960s-style lander came from

Ages ago a small fuss kicked-up on the World of Spectrum forums (shurely shome mistake). For those who don’t know, the internet’s premier Speccy site has a policy of contacting copyright holders and asking for permission to host their software for free, if permission is not given then the software is “denienced” and unavailable. Occasionally, they are contacted instead, usually with a “cease and desist” request. This happened a couple of years ago when Odin contacted WoS and demanded their games be removed from free download. The reason given was that they were working on new versions of the games for mobile phones. Cue annoyance and inevitable disbelief vis a vis the “mobile phone” versions on the forums.

Except, what’s this? Why, it’s Odin’s wonderful Nodes of Yesod for iProducts. Developed by Steve Wetherill, one of the programmers of the original game, this new version has two modes: classic (ie looks and plays like the 8-bit original) and an updated version with new features and graphics. Although the redrawn update is more 16-bit era than modern it’s still quite nice and making this fun and colourful (if rather frustrating) classic available for iPhones/Pods/Pads can only be a good thing. It’s just a shame they didn’t include the classic sound as well, I miss the fuzzy “Nodes of Yesod from the Odin Computer Graphics team” at the start.

If you need convincing there’s a “light” version available for free and the full game playable online for free in a browser. Wetherill has also stated that an Android version is in the pipeline.

So, er, thanks guys. And sorry for the cynicism.

The Official Nodes of Yesod site can be found here.

(now hows about Robin of the Wood n’all? 😉 )