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Attack of the 50ft woman

8 December, 2011

"Rip my skirt off as I fall into the level, would you? Take THAT sexist 1980s programmers!"

Along with most of the population of Scotland I was sent home from work early today due to the storm which decided to pay us a visit (and which has been dubbed ‘Hurricane Bawbag‘) and as a result I ended up having to fill an afternoon with the wind battering at the windows. So I played some games, including the old, mildly-sexist arcade game Athena.

And here’s a thing – I’ve known about this game for years (in fact I first encountered it as a demo of the Spectrum version on a “sampler” tape given away free with CRASH magazine in late 1987 – that’s how old I am) and played it a good few times, but I never knew that the “lovely” Athena could grow to GIANT SIZE, a la Mario. Now I do.

Athena‘s quite good in a frustrating-as-fuck way; you should probably try and find a copy.