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“It’s a disgrace!”

14 April, 2011

Can't see it? Clicky the image. Hope you're not at work!

Did you know there was a naked woman lurking in the background of Fist 2: The Legend Continues for the ZX Spectrum? There is you know, looky closely at the picture off to the right.

It’s disgraceful! People were picking-up a wholesome game about men kicking the shit out of each other for their innocent children to play and, hidden amongst that healthy violence, there was a pair of female breasts! Outrageous!

For some reason, my only real memory of playing Fist 2 wasn’t hidden boobies in the background but the fact I only got to fight one opponent followed by being made to wander around what felt like endless caverns before finding some kind of statue which my blokey sat down in front of cross-legged with what, to me, looked like an expression on his face as though he found my “watching” him a bit awkward. Preferred the original.

(Thanks to the lovely forumeers at World of Spectrum for drawing my attention to this)