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Spelunky – soon to be XBox360 flavoured

9 March, 2010

He's all-new, he's high-def, but he's still 2D! Ha; take that, The Man!

Hot on the heels of the last post, pictures from the much-anticipated XBox360 port of the Best Game Of The Last Ten Years (That I Have Played) Spelunky have finally been released along with some hints at what can be expected in the finished game. Along with the terrific, procedurally-generated gaming that we all know and love new features for owners of Microsoft’s notoriously prone-to-breaking-down console include: dynamic lighting, achievements and “new game modes”. Naturally, the graphics have been given a thorough makeover (as you can doubtless see, assming you’re not prone to completely ignoring the pictures I attach to posts here) described as “hand drawn” that nonetheless seem to retain the character of the originals.

I’d say I can’t wait only I don’t have an XBox360 and so I’m incredibly jealous. You lucky bastards, etc!

For more details and more pics, visit Spelunky World.

Spelunky 1.0

20 September, 2009
"This is as far as Dangerous got, just before he was perforated by a completely hidden spear"

Newer, shinier, V1.0-ier

I mentioned in a post a while back how much I love Spelunky the excellent procedurally-generated platform game where you whip snakes, avoid piranhas and steal gold. Well, the game’s programmer Derek Yu has finally got around to releasing the first non-beta build of the game, V1.0, and it can now be downloaded from its very own website.

Data used in previous versions seems to carry-over into the new version without any problems, just copy-across the relevant files from the game’s root directory.

Even better news for XBox360 owners – apparently a special version is being written (presumably for download from XBox Live Arcade) and pencilled-in for a 2010 release!

Now, if only a Nintendo DS release were forthcoming…