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Jim Bagley’s ZX81 Racing

14 February, 2013

Broom broom

Legendary ex-Ocean programmer and general 8-bit person of fame, Jim Bagley, has released a hi-res racing game for baldy inventor Sir Clive Sinclair’s ancient ZX81 home computer, a platform notable for its lack of hi-res graphics as standard. It goes by the excellently-literal title of Jim Bagley’s ZX81 Racing and I’ve not played it yet, partly because I haven’t installed a ZX81-capable emulator on the new PC yet, so I’ve no idea if it’s great or shite but I provide a linky here to the announcement thread so you can all download it, try it yourselves, and make “neeeeeeoooowwwww!” noises and stick your finger in the air like Sebastian Vettel if you’re good at it.